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Gotta say thanks to all the folks out there giving "Honey Hi" some love and respect. I feel that song often gets a lot of hate from this forum...but yes, it truly is a gem and one of my favorites. The DVD 5.1 surround mix from the Deluxe Edition is absolutely SUBLIME and sheer PERFECTION in the way the three part harmony is mixed!!!

Also I agree with whoever pointed out the three part harmony on the Midnight Special version of "Why"! I get goosebumps every time I watch it and hear that vocal blend, and laugh when Christine sings "Oh yeah" at the end but then Stevie has to "have the last word" with a longer and more drawn out "Yeeeeeaaahhh..."

"Farmer's Daughter", "Say You Love Me", "Dreams", "Never Forget" many great 3 part vocals from their three albums in the seventies. Not much of that on "Mirage" or "Tango", sadly. But then, I'd venture to say that after the solo projects started, they really only got back together to make Fleetwood Mac albums for the sake of making Fleetwood Mac albums ($$$) and some of the vigor, excitement and "artistry" was gone in regards to them coming together as five different people with a goal to make something special. Just my opinion and two cents.
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