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Originally Posted by Betsy View Post
Well, I see that Bama is indeed on a roll....

Huskers damn near lost last weekend and would have had Ohio State's QB been able to finish the game.

And when they played Wisconsin? That was downright painful.

Still JWS...can Kentucky hold a candle to CU, who is 1-5 ??? AND, just suspended 5 players indefinitely for breaking team rules... Embree says he ain't sticking around for 5 years with a bunch of losers.... football...gotta love it.....
UK may not win another game. If they lose to D-2 Jacksonsville State, at home, next's doomsday for the Joker (Phillips, head coach). We're back where we started with the Curry years. Jacksonsville State (Alabama) was scheduled as a cupcake in doubt.

I'm looking forward to going to the Stanford v USC game at the Coliseum on 10/29. If you've never been there, the Los Angeles Coliseum is a national historical landmark like Michigan Stadium and Notre Dame. It's very old, but home to two Olympic Games and USC going back to the 20's. I'm always good for at least one game a year there. You walk through that tunnel to the field and it's just awesome with 95,000 seats.

I know LSU, Ohio State and Michigan have similar or better fan experience.

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