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Originally Posted by dreamsunwind View Post
There was a blind item on some gossip website that said another member of a legendary rock band may leave their band if things don't work out soon.

At least one person in one of the Facebook fan groups claimed they had insider knowledge that Christine either left the band, or is close to leaving the band. A different person in the same group said they talked to other insiders who said the story is a bunch of garbage. Other fans were discussing this rumour too, too, both in that group and another, but I'm not sure where the supposed Christine connection to this blind item began.

It's all garbage and rumours at this point from what I understand. Of course, that's what I thought about the Lindsey "rumours," and we all know how that turned out...

"Or maybe she's a witch, who transcends the boundaries of time and space, and traveled back to 1981, for her own reference."

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