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Originally Posted by dino View Post
Sharksfan also has this copy of the concert, maybe he can verify the bass player's name.
I've been busy today but I'll see if I can give it a listen tomorrow. Looks like these are the only tracks from that show that I have:

Black Magic Woman
Words That Bite
Loser Two Times
In The Skies
Cryin Won't Bring You Back
Make It Right
Green Manalishi

Before or after which song is the band introduction?

It would be nice to have a better quality video of this show too, although it's not one of my favorite Peter Green videos by any means. Mario, that YouTube clip is indeed from this show. But interestingly, even though Peter was clearly not in the best of health when this was recorded, you can still see how much "Albatross" meant to him as he played it. I think that has always been and will always be his "signature" song.
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