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I've said this before, but I was beyond thrilled when 'Behind The Mask' was released because it had much more of a rock and roll edge to it, than 'Tango.'
As much as I love 'Tango,' it's pure, glimmery, pop ear-candy... so 'BTM' was a nice, rock & blues antitidote to that.

But the overall sound of the production has always left a bit to be desired.
I can't help but think of how much better the album would have been if Richard Dashut had been at the helm. His production on "Paper Doll," and the 'Time' album are top-notch.

I guess it's not surprising that "Affairs Of The Heart" and, especially, "Freedom," are my two favorite songs on the album. I often think people expect Stevie to always repeat the sound of her previous tunes, and when she doesn't, they're disappointed (and conversely, when she does, they're disappointed! *lol*)... and I tend to think that's one of the biggest reasons her contributions to this album, and 'Tango,' are so routinely knocked.

I definitely agree with chiliD though, the alternate mix of "Affairs" is much better, and should have been used.

My other favorite songs are "Save Me" (love, love, LOVE this one), "In The Back Of My Mind" (they opened the one and only Mac concert I've ever seen with it, and to this day, I can remember the chills and excitement I felt when it began), "Love Is Dangerous," "When The Sun Goes Down," and "Behind The Mask."

"Hard Feelings" is good too... though I still think it was a weak choice for a single. And I like "The Second Time," but I think it needed a more gentle vocal... something along the lines of "Goodbye Baby."

For me, the two weakest songs on the album... the ones that often get the ol' skiparoo... are "Do You Know" (which i think is as bland and boring, as it is pretty), and "When It Comes To Love."

I used to dislike "Sky's The Limit" too, but I've since grown to really appreciate that one.

Overall, it's a terrific album, but with a couple adjustments, it could have been even better.
"Although the arrogance of fame lingers like a thick cloud around the famous, the sun always seems to shine for Stevie." -- Richard Dashut, 2014
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