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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
I agree, they will perform Go Your Own Way. It's one of my top 4 FM songs, so I'm ok with that.

But jwd, I didn't see your list. C'mon, what do you think they're going to perform? Is there anything FM could perform that would tempt you into seeing them? Just curious.
Well, since you asked, my number one song request would be "Crystal". I've always hoped they would do this song in concert. Having said that, I would not want them to do it now, without Linds. It'd be almost sacrilegious to do it, for the first time, without him. So just never do it, unless for some unforeseen reason, he returns. Then it would be even more amazing!

For me, as Missy has said, I would hope that FM delves heavily into all their previous work on this tour. Songs from Peter Green, Danny Kirwan, and Bob Welch. Making it a true retrospective into what was EVER FM. THAT would be appropriate and somewhat makeup for the fiasco that has taken place recently. An all encompassing FM setlist would get me there! And that would be a hard list of songs to whittle down! I still do so very much love FM and all those fabulous songs they've given us. That is something I will never get bitter on.
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