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1. Think About Me
2. The Chain
3. Dreams
4. You Make Loving Fun
5. Oh Well
6. Rhiannon
7. Everywhere
8. Rattlesnake Shake
9. Smile At You (piano demo style)
10. Believe Me
11. World Keep on Turning
12. Landslide
13. Oh Daddy
14. Donít Dream itís Over
15. Refugee
16. Little Lies
17. Gold Dust Woman
18. Green Manalishi
19. Donít Stop

Encore 1

20. Get Like You Used To Be
21. Blue Letter
22. World Turning

Encore 2
23. Sisters of the Moon (kicked up a notch like gold dust woman of late please)
24. Why

And Iím actually even incredibly excited to just hear what Rhiannon will sound with a newly formed band. Not blaming Lindsey at all, because the song was stale in many different live versions including solo, but she has a tendency to breathe new life into a song when inspired by people like Dave grohl, Tom Petty and others being onstage with her. Maybe Mike Campbell will bring back the Rhiannon guitar solo and Stevie wouldnít fight him on that like she would Lindsey.
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