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Originally Posted by pennylane View Post
The show was awesome! So much energy and love in the place. Chris was definitely playing a lot of keyboards, and Lindsey was his usual amazing self. They were interacting so much, it was a joy to see. GYOW, he was singing the "shackin up is all you wanna do" line to her, and she was mouthing, "No. YOU. It's all YOU wanna do."
i know re GYOW! i always wanna dance and sing and jump around during GYOW so i didn't want to record it, but in DC as he was singing the shackin up line to her she was doing a whole little acting schtick, flirting and going "who me?" or something like that, i want to look for videos of it to see whether somebody has captured it. it was so cute, and apparently she does a different one every night! (i didn't notice her doing that in Raleigh). so that's a part to definitely record if possible. they do it with so much joy and fun.

Originally Posted by pennylane View Post
All in all, it was a wonderful experience. And I would join the ranks of people cautioning you not to judge the sound by youtube videos. So different live.
noooooo, don't you know people like you and i are just being deluded and starstruck into thinking this and we don't really know what we are hearing!

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