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Originally Posted by elle View Post
Children! Stop bickering and bashing the mods for some imaginary censorship! I locked that DC thread - any thread starter has an option to lock their own thread if they don't like where it's going. Locking it did achieve exact purpose i wanted - move the bickering to the next show thread.

peace and love!

Unfortunately, I figured as much.

I was nearly through with a response to you in that thread
and you locked it so quickly after your last response that I
couldn't post it.

Without posting that complete response again, I find your words
more than a little condescending to vivfox and myself in the
closed thread.

I think most people understand that you can't judge a "concert's"
sound based on videos recorded with phones and the like. For
that matter, not even professionally recorded multi-track recordings
come close to what it actually sounds like at a live concert.

I've been to enough concerts to understand that sometimes we
get starstruck and we fool ourselves in to making the show or
performance better than it actually was. And I'm guessing Elle
that you might be guilty of that in this case.

As I've already said, I'm a big fan of Lindsey and Christine and
am wishing them a very successful tour. I hope for more music
from them. But what those YouTube videos do tell us is that their
voices are weak and off-key in many instances.

What surprises me even more is their musicianship. Maybe
Christine is suffering from arthritis like many have suggested.
But I don't understand what happened to Lindsey. And for
him it's not just this tour. If it's just a different approach,
I don't like it. I want the Rocker back!
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