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Originally Posted by nicepace View Post
My only disappointment, really, is that they omitted my two favorite songs from the new record ("On With the Show" and "Carnival Begin"), but the ones they DID play were fabulous.

Can anyone supply me the names of the drummer and bass player? I need them if I am going to write a proper review of the show for my website.
The drummer is Jimmy Paxson -- he played with Stevie on a tour or two. I don't remember which ones, like Crystal Visions or something in 2007. Don't know the bass player. Sorry.

I also went to the Boston show last night. And also sad they didn't play my two favorites - On with the Show and Carnival Begin. But I cried when I heard "Hold Me" for the first time live.

But I had a great time down front. Christine and Lindsey were having fun! And they both sounded great! That's my two cents.
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