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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
This is tough. Half of this album is very good.

Back of my mind (can you believe I am naming a Billy song). Its a creative song. I love how they fit 3 singers on the song with Stevie answering back to Billy.

Skies the limit - I love hearing Christine play keyboards. That was something missing from TTITN
Its a perky and sing along song

When it comes to love (yikes another Billy song) - I love Christine singing a duet. Billy is not a great singer but his voice is saved and helped so much by Chris. Love those keyboards again. The bouncy beat is amazing. Go Mick!!!! Go John!! Great stuff. A great song musically, lyrically, and vocally. Love the acoustic guitar solo too.

This was hard. I also love Love is Dangerous, When it comes to love, Behind the mask, and Save Me.
The rest of the album I don't care for.

This was very hard to only choose 3. I agree with your top 3 assessments. When it Comes to Love is up there for me also.
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