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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
While I agree about Lindsey, BLY, I think Christine's songs on BTM are just as good, if not better than her stuff on Tango.
I must repectfully disagree. Whilst Save Me and Skies the Limit are written in the same vein as Everywhere and Little Lies, I find them to be a little too formulaic in their reliance on the hook. Perhaps I find them 'cheap' immitations due to the poor production style (also the silly 'wooshing' sound effects on Behind The Mask ruin the song a bit). Overall I personally prefer her earlier Fleetwood Mac material. I think she worked harder on her songs earlier in her career and... I don't know; 1971-74 and even white album-Tusk, I just find them to be a bit earthier. I think she definitely grew in confidence as a writer and reached a stage where she knew she could follow a formula and knock out a hit relatively easily. My recollection is Behind The Mask was considered to be short of a catchy song so she just knocked out Skies The Limit really quickly at the last minute.

I was excited when she recently (two years ago) suggested her new songs were a return to the sound of her earlier material.
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