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Christine McVie just got better with age...I love Over My Head, You Make Loving Fun, Brown Eyes, etc. I also enjoy Love in Store and Hold Me, but thought they were a little too, I don't know, more cream than coffee. But her contributions to Tango in the Night and Behind the Mask were the best things about both albums.

I noticed two thing that made me wonder about this:
1) By Tango, she was co-writing with her then-husband Eddie Quintela.

2) Tango and Mask came out after her 1984 album.

Little Lies, Isn't It Midnight, Everywhere, Save Me, As Long As You Follow, and Behind the Mask are some of her most confident material and run the gamut, from polished pop perfection to sublime. As much as I like her earlier stuff, there just seems to be a confidence in her later songs I don't sense from before. Does anyone else notice this, and if so, what do you attribute the change to?
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