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Originally Posted by jbrownsjr View Post
That's exactly right. If you want to blame someone, go to the source. The reason he's out of Fleetwood Mac is because of Sleezy Nicks. This is not in dispute. I can't fault someone for not wanting to make a sizable living and live the way they are used to.

Sleezy Nicks should have been blocked or talked out of it. I smirk when I see her picture! I cringe when I hear her voice.
Iím still not convinced itís that cut and dry.

I can easily see Lindsey (rightfully) copping an attitude that he couldnít use the Fleetwood Mac name for LBCM. Then he made those ill-advised comments about the Classic shows. The chemistry between him and Stevie wasnít there during those shows from what Iíve observed. Per his own comments, he asked for a delay and the negotiations became tense. I canít imagine he was ever on board with exploring the pre-1975 material, which was obviously important to Mick at that point. Something minor and ridiculous like mocking Stevie during her speech became the last straw for Stevie, but heíd burned enough bridges within the machine (ie Mick and Azoff) that there wasnít anybody left to smooth things over, except Christine, but sheís a company gal (LBCM liner notes) and it was out of her control by that point.

It sucks, but he proved to be easily replaced for the purposes of having a massively successful tour. Maybe keeping his head down, minding his Pís & Qís, and playing along would have behooved him the second Tom Pettyís guitarist and Stevieís good friend became available and Mick was going to New Zealand to record with another art rocker. P
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