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Originally Posted by dissention
Mick is a louse. Plain and simple. Always has been and always will be in my book. He's a greedy schmuck with diminishing drumming skills.

Lindsey needs to get a clue. Comparing himself to Todd Solondz? Puhleeze. Get a grip, you're a corporate rocker who caters to whoever is paying you.

Stevie, as you pointed out, comes across as very self-important. But I thinks she's just as pompous as Lindsey and there were a few times I wanted to grab her arm to see if she had warm blood.

Love John, though.
Hope this wouldn't bring to barricades again, but Stevie really surprised me in DR doc, she proved to be much more level-headed than I thought. Besides , her and John's sense of humour were a great relief to the whole album making saga .


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