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Originally Posted by chriskisn View Post
Someone said somewhere that there were only 31 people who were supporting ledgies (don't know how accurate this figure is?) but that means there are at least a couple of hundred regular users who aren't. Surely they can't all be too poor to contribute...
supporting members <---info avail here.

adsense should be bringing in $$$ on the impressions alone. yes/no?

i have been a supporting memeber for YEARS. i am lucky to have extra at the time of renewal and i understand totally those that are unable to. but i also believe there are those that can and are simply unaware of the option -- pretty sure many do not linger in FAQ long enough to notice, if at all.

if you can, do. if you cant, dont. i do find a tad lame those that can but wont with the reasoning given due to a potentially limited time frame the ledge will be here. maybe time for a bit of payback for what you have enjoyed for so f'in long?! close your eyes, imagine you are purchasing stevie's newest CD release, or the Buckingham Nicks ANEW thinking most would be all over those purchases.

perhaps the ledge should consider the change to paying membership -- pay or dont play.

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