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Default Great Show!

I can't add much to some of great reports already posted. A few minor things:
They played acoustic instrumentals before the concert of Peacekeeper and Red Rover. I wish they would release these!
LB had a new acoustic introductory piece for NGBA. I thought it was a new song when he played it before going into NGBA. A nice addition.
All of the new songs sounded great. Stars (or Stars Gone Crazy may be the full title) stood out, along with End of Time. It may the aftermath of a terrific concert, but this new album may well indeed rival Out of the Cradle, and I don't say that lightly because I feel OOTC is a masterpiece.
My daughter caught a towel Lindsey threw into the crowd - she was thrilled!
A lot of record executives (or complimentary tickets) did not show, so they let people fill in rows three and four. My daughter and I moved over to the middle of the third row, someone sat next to us that came down from the balcony.
All of the band members except Lindsey hung around the lobby for about an hour after the show. Will is a sweet kid. My daughter asked him if he plays the guitar. He said his dad tried to teach him, but that it didn't work out. He is a really good looking kid (12 or 13 - not quite to that awkward teenage years) a combination of his mom and dad's good looks with really blue eyes.
I asked Neale about the instrumental pieces they play before the concert - he said they just recorded those while just sitting around a few years ago. I suggested they release them. He said that would be good bonus material.
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