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So it's settled. This has been like dissecting frames 313-315 of the Zapruder film.

The reason many have doubted that Danny was onstage that night was that you could barely hear him on the non-official boot. Owsley Stanley gave Peter some time during "Dark Star", then the focus shifted to Jerry Garcia, and later Duane Allman. During the "Spanish Jam", the bass is definitely Phil (nobody else plays like that), so the picture is somewhere in the half hour span of the "Lovelight" jam. In Lovelight, Peter gets his guitar mixed back into the song somewhere during the middle of the song, in fact I think he sings Pigpen's rap. At least I think that's Green's voice.

It's ashame this was never a Dick's Picks selection. It would've solved the mystery of the missing gap in "Dark Star", if the archives had it intact. As for historical importance, only Peter Green FM fans would care. There were plenty of other Allman Brothers/Grateful Dead encounters. The best was probably 6/73 at RFK in Washington D.C.. Without set breaks, that concert clocks in at around four hours. So to be there, it was at least a six hour concert experience. That's called getting your money's worth.

Since we are on the subject of "jams", has anyone heard the Clapton/Green jam from the Boston Tea Party 1970 at Thoughts?

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