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Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
Not like they were in 1987. Mike Campbell and Neil Finn have had legendary careers before joining the band. They have their own very public images/personas.

Billy Burnette was only notable for being the son of Dorsey Burnette, nephew of Johnny Burnette, cousin of Rocky Burnette, and friend/associate of Fleetwood Mac, while Rick was just a sideman and session player. They were very clearly trying to mask that Lindsey wasn’t there (no pun intended). They basically dressed Billy up like Lindsey and had him play a white Les Paul. Look at these two pics from 1987.

“Oh Well” was played on every tour before The Dance, except for Kiln House. Bob Welch, Rick Vito, and Billy Burnette continued playing it after leaving the band, and I doubt it was coincidence that TPATH played it when Stevie toured with them.

That said, I would have been happier to see SHN and MM get cut before Hypnotized and I Got You.
I don't know Steve...while I was too young in 1987 to remember how it played out, it's my opinion that they are doing exactly the same thing. Sure they aren't dressing anyone up like Lindsey (would literally never work in the age of social media - the they'd get destroyed for that), but they're continuing to rest on their 1975-87 work under the guise of exploring their 50-year history or whatever crap they're spewing. Stevie implied back in April that it was due to Lindsey that all of the pre-1975 stuff was never in the setlist - now they have the chance and they play Oh Well (which as you pointed out, has pretty much been played by every incarnation of Fleetwood Mac), Black Magic Woman (which with the reworded lyrics is a giant eye roll complete with Stevie being like "OMG even I didn't know it was Fleetwood Mac!?"...except for the last 44 years that she has known it), and Tell Me All the Things You Do (which along with Hypnotized were some of the best parts of the set IMO). Campbell gets to recreate Lindsey's solos on GYOW, The Chain, Gypsy, etc. The arrangements of all of the songs are essentially the same as they were on the last tour.

If they really wanted to start fresh and show the world that Fleetwood Mac is more than the Lindsey Buckingham show, half the set should have been different at least, and they should have recorded something new together that they'd do live. There are MANY gems that are totally ignored even from the 75-87 timeframe. But they won't do that. They'll continue to pump out the same songs and get reviews saying that Finn "sounds like Buckingham" because it works - the general attendee is like "OMG STEVIE TWIRLED AROUND! I LOVE HERRRRRR SHE'S THE QUEEEEN" and doesn't care that a different male voice is singing Go Your Own Way.
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