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I think it was my friends that asked about OOTC, lol!

And Brett isn't responsible for one certain OOTC song not appearing in the setlist, for sure...I talked to him outside in Chicago and somehow got to talking about songs we wished had been played... I brought up "Turn It On" because it's my favorite song (to where I have "The hurt that you feel makes you strong" tattooed on my lower back, lol) and he went "THAT'S WHAT I WANTED HIM TO PLAY!!!" but apparently Lindsey didn't think people would know it or something or other. Regardless, I encouraged Brett to try again as the person who puts the set together, LOL!

I think they get the idea now that people want to hear the OOTC, particularly from myself and my friends, hahaha, we were gunning hard for Soul Drifter, yelling it, we had a sign, when we talked to him in Cincy my friends mentioned it...yah... Well, perhaps the western shows will benefit? LOL!


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