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Originally Posted by cincymike1 View Post
I agree with the thought of putting as few "Gift of Screws" songs as possible on the next release.

I would personally like to see "Twist of Fate" be on it, however we need as much new material as possible. Only negative to Under the Skin was it felt like there were only 5 new songs. That is not LB's fault, but any real fan has heard the torrent at this point so it would be best to put new songs out that were not part of the GOS project.
I agree that UTS has some "old" songs on it, but they are great songs and deserved their spot on an official release. I confess I tend to skip those when listening to UTS, but I'm glad they are there.

I hope all of the remaining GOS songs are included on the next release. I MUST have a clear, official release of Gift of Screws and Shuffle Riff!
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