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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
Lol, well Stevie really doesn't have much of a say when it will air...
True. But she DOES have a say when it comes to the program's content. For the 2009 release of PBS Soundstage, she flew to Nashville to re-record certain songs and overdub a few lines here and there. She's a perfectionist. She takes her sweet a** time with things far too often, in my opinion.

It took two years from when the PBS Soundstage was filmed in 2007 til when it was released on DVD, Blu-Ray and CD in 2009, although I think it actually premiered on PBS in the Fall of 2008 if I'm remembering correctly. Somebody fact check me, please.

That being said, the Soundstage "special" was ALWAYS intended to be a "one off" show recorded for posterity. Attendees knew this. They knew they would be there for hours and hours and hours while she did a few takes of each song over and over again. That's the nature of that kind of "event". I was at the Wynonna Judd/Heart CMT Crossover special and we were there for about four hours that night while the girls recorded each song about two or three times...some with false starts...

But I'm getting off topic. My question now is will this new show be more like Fleetwood Mac's "Live in Boston" for the SYW tour - a filmed live arena concert that maybe wouldn't require a lot of post production work?
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