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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
Full show Miami Arena, Miami, FL 10/24/1990 - Band does SAVE ME

Part 2
Stevie looks like a drunk cougar mom dancing at a wedding during "Tear it up"

Stevie's shoulder pads for Stand on the Rock are ridiculous. She almost looks like that Carol Burnett sketch where she made a dress from a curtain rod. I remember why I loved this tour so much. Stevie danced like crazy with Rick and Billy. Christine and Stevie were at their peak cougar sexiness
Love it!! That's not a COUGAR, that is a MOUNTAIN LION. Stevie's dancing all over the stage like a wild cat, doing the lean over, prancing her hair upside down.......ARE WE REALLY SURE SHE WAS ON KLONOPIN DURING THIS TOUR? Was she on a temporary tranquilizer break? Tear it up, Stevie, tear it up !! (PS....LOVE the shoulder pads.)
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