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‘The Voice’ blind auditions: Chloe Kohanski rocks out to ‘The Chain’ and is ‘obsessed’ with Miley Cyrus [WATCH]

During Night 5 of “The Voice” Season 13, Chloe Kohanski‘s performance of Fleetwood Mac‘s “The Chain” caused three coaches — Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton — to all press their buttons. After a long deliberation process that had to be broken up by Adam Levine, Kohanski ultimately decided to join Cyrus’ team after revealing that she’s “obsessed with Miley.” Did she make the right choice? Watch Chloe Kohanski’s “The Voice” blind audition video above.

Look, my dad had me listening to Stevie Nicks, riding around in his truck always,” Cyrus told the young rocker. “I kind of aspired to be like Stevie. And just turning around and seeing your style, it feels like you really know who you are. And my foundation is knowing who I am. We’ve got a very similar range so I think I know songs that would be great for you because they’re songs that would probably end up working for me, too.
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