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Get your hands on the alternate versions & outtakes from took me 12 years to hear how muddy the production of the album was.

Rick Vito's "Intuition" & "Got No Home" and Billy Burnette's "Victim Of Love" are better than anything else on the album (with the exception of "In The Back Of My Mind" which is one of my top 5 all-time/any-incarnation greatest songs of Fleetwood Mac), yet they were left off the album...and "The Second Time" was included; talk about injustices!!

Even the alternate takes of "Affairs Of The Heart" & "Save Me" make the album versions pale by comparison.

I used to really love all but one song from BTM...then 12 years after the album came out, I heard the alternate takes & outtakes...changed my whole attitude about the album as a whole.
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