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Fleetwood Mac To Release Tango In The Night Deluxe Editions Feb 24th

Friday The 13th isn't so bad after all.... Looks like another reissue is on the way and rather soon! Amazon has Fleetwood Mac's Tango In The Night Deluxe, Expanded and single disc versions set for a February 24th release date. This is amazing!! Tango In The Night, originally released in 1987 (30 years ago this year) is Fleetwood Mac's 2nd most successful album in terms of sales behind Rumours.

Amazon has the tracklist of the 2CD Expanded Edition listed and if Rhino is following a formula on these Fleetwood Mac Remastered Reissues CD3 of the Deluxe Edition is likely the audio from the Tango In The Night Tour video that was first released on VHS and subsequently issued on DVD. The DVD in this package is likely a 5.1 mix of the original album (although personally, I'd like to see them release the videos for the singles Big Love, Little Lies, Seven Wonders and Everywhere). David Wild (on Twitter) recently eluded to writing new liner notes for Fleetwood Mac like previous reissues and he confirmed it today on Twitter. Configurations of the release look to be in line with previous releases - 2CD, 3CD/1DVD/1LP and a single CD of the album - all remastered. More info on this will follow.

Links to pre-order are at the bottom.

Tango In The Night (Deluxe)

Tango In The Night
Disc: 1
1. Big Love (Remastered)
2. Seven Wonders (Remastered)
3. Everywhere (Remastered)
4. Caroline (Remastered)
5. Tango in the Night (Remastered)
6. Mystified (Remastered)
7. Little Lies (Remastered)
8. Family Man (Remastered)
9. Welcome To The Room... Sara (Remastered)
10. Isn't It Midnight (Remastered)
11. When I See You Again (Remastered)
12. You And I, Pt. II (Remastered)

Disc: 2
1. Down Endless Street (Remastered)
2. Special Kind of Love (Demo)
3. Seven Wonders (Early Version)
4. Tango in the Night (Demo)
5. Mystified (Alternate Version)
6. Book of Miracles (Instrumental)
7. Where We Belong (Demo)
8. Ricky (Remastered)
9. Juliet (Run-Through)
10. Isn't It Midnight (Alternate Mix)
11. Ooh My Love (Demo)
12. Mystified (Instrumental Demo)
13. You And I, Part II (Full Version)


2CD Expanded
3CD/DVD/1LP Deluxe
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