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Originally Posted by sleepless child View Post
I would think Lindsey would be very angry if an album comes out from the Mac. I would be very angry. I wonder how long Chris and John are going to stay. I thought I read somewhere John wanted to retire and Christine didn't stay too long after the Behind the Mask album and tour. I read she didn't think Fleetwood Mac was the same without Lindsey. She recorded on Time but that album is a mess.

If Stevie records, then for sure the problem is between her and Lindsey. What a shame.
I think any hardcore fan of the Rumours 5 will be angry. The fact that, allegedly 1 person has the ability to dictate how a band works, operates and actually, DOES THEIR JOBS--and his/her name isn't on the front door--ridiculous. But I've long said, these people don't operate in a reality based world.
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