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Originally Posted by sleepless child View Post
I would think Lindsey would be very angry if an album comes out from the Mac. I would be very angry.
Iím sure he would/will be. However, he was the problem as far as Stevie was concerned. Whatever. He doesnít have to compromise anymore.

I wonder how long Chris and John are going to stay. I thought I read somewhere John wanted to retire
He said he didnít want to do tours that were as extensive as the last tour anymore.

and Christine didn't stay too long after the Behind the Mask album and tour.
She decided to retire from touring to be closer to her family after her father died while she was on the Behind the Mask tour.

I read she didn't think Fleetwood Mac was the same without Lindsey. She recorded on Time but that album is a mess.
She indeed felt that way about Lindsey, but it was largely the acrimony between her and Dave Mason that made her check out of the band. Billy Burnette sang and had a co-write on her 2004 album, so I think she might have hung around a little longer under different circumstances. But, even during The Dance, she was clearly ready to call it a day.

I think itís too early to draw parallels. Neil and Mike are on a very different level than Billy and Rick, so it could actually work.
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