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Originally Posted by nicepace View Post
If Christine were to write a book, I'm sure it would be ghost-written by a professional writer, as most celebrity bios are.

Of course I'd like her to write a book. But she had all those years of retirement during which she would have had the time for it. I don't think she has the time for the next year or so to write a book.

The one unique subject, the one real "hook" that such a book could have, stems from the beginning of Christine's career. When she joined Chicken Shack and a few years later Fleetwood Mac, she was the one of the very few women in music who sang, played, and wrote their own material in a mixed-gender band, on an equal footing with the guys in the band. As the band evolved around her, she continued to be an equal among equals in the band. I want to know how she accomplished this and what it was like to be in her situation. To me that is a much more interesting subject than the tell-all gossip that some fans seem to hunger for.
Wow, you hit the mark!. She certainly deserves to be considered as among other pioneers of that forefront.
What part of the Cape are you in? I grew up in Massachusetts.
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