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Originally Posted by PenguinHead View Post
I don't think it's in her character to write a book like that. She seem more of a person who lives in the moment, and doesn't seem to be too reflective of the past. She is the opposite of Stevie in that regard.

Not everyone feels the need to write a tell- all book. Christine embodies a certain level of class and discretion when it comes to personal matters. She's been forthright with her life and issues, but doesn't elaborate or ruminate about them.

How addicted to drugs she was? That's a very assumptive question! Sure, she had her party days of over consumption and indulgence, but that doesn't necessarily equate with addiction. And she has already talked briefly about her time with Dennis. She doesn't owe us a dissertation about it.
Yeah I said I would like book. Not demanding one. If she wasn't addicted then she could put that in a book.

As far Dennis Wilson is concerned, she spoke a little about him but not enough for me.
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