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Originally Posted by Netter75 View Post
This was my experience as well, every word minus the in-laws bit . "You Make Loving Fun" and "Gypsy" were definitely the low-lights, which is a shame because I love both songs. The former was surprisingly dull and Stevie really butchered Gypsy ("You say HEYYYYY babyyy" with the hand-waves made my entire body cringe).

Had a great time regardless, especially for "Oh Well" and "Black Magic Woman" and the majority of the other tunes. Haters gonna hate, and I can see where the frustration comes from, but I thought "Free Fallin'" was a blast despite it not being particularly well sung. Loved the energy in the room during that song.
I was at both the NYC and Philly shows. Gypsy should be cut. There was no energy at all, in both physical movement and singing. Stevie is clearly bored out of her skull with this song and it shows. Hold Me sounded amazing!! Chris sounded good overall but a little shaky on World Turning. I oddly really enjoyed Mick's solo and the screen graphics. It was really fun. One odd note: Stevie did not say goodnight to the audience in Philly and I don't think in NY either. It strikes me as very odd and out of character for her. I really like Mike and Neil. They bring great energy and spirit to the band. I did miss Lindsey's guitar playing on a few songs.

I remember it just had to fall...
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