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Originally Posted by James89 View Post
So, first numbers in for the tour and they are very good indeed. These are the kind of numbers I would associate with Fleetwood Mac and not Stevie Nicks solo.

Anyway, from Billboard:

Stevie Nicks, The Pretenders Toyota Center Houston, Texas Oct. 29, 2016 $970,641 8,440 / 9,306 1 / 0 $150, $99, $69, $49 Live Nation

So not full capacity but not far off. Look at the gross! Nearly $1 million! Seriously impressive.
This is really interesting, thanks for this update. I've always wondered how take home profit plays out for Ms. Nicks. If this particular show in Houston grossed 970,641 (nearly 1 million), how much do you think Stevie is paid after expenses are deducted?

After the cost of renting the arena, paying the musicians, transportation, hotel, insurance, fuel, prop/assembly workers deducted, what's left?

In other words, how much does Stevie Nicks get paid to walk onstage each night for the 24KG Tour?
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