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Originally Posted by elle View Post
band pow-wow on what to do caught on video, embedded below. many fans on social media are saying how this shows their insistence on the setlist set-in-stone has come back to haunt them.

if they improvised a bit, replaced a few songs by some they could do without drums or with light drums, people would leave happy that they got something different instead of demanding a refund (although, saying "i only got 2 out of 3 hr show so want a refund" is kinda ridiculous. many bands play that short to begin with). but they could have easily done acoustic Gypsy (didn't SN just do it for something or other?), Bleed To Love Her LB has been doing alone on his last tour with some ad-hoc harmonizing from CM and SN (plus just on Monday LB performed at that Judd Apatow charity show completely alone, without even guitar tech and sound guy so you know he is perfectly capable of whipping out a few songs or accompanying others), Say Goodbye they've been doing whole last year, Don't Stop is easy and i'm sure Christine has a few songs she can do on the spot just accompanying herself, without much drums. if Mick was sick for the last 24 hours, it seems a bit weird that they didn't think through any back-up plan.
Great footage Elle.At 1:20 Lindsey seems pissed at Stevie when they're talking and he throws his hands up and walks away.I bet they had a real nice conversation later.Always drama with them,not planned this time but still...There's no escaping it
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