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Originally Posted by macfan 57 View Post
I have no idea if you'd like her Chicken Shack stuff. It's totally different from her Fleetwood Mac stuff. Chicken Shack was pretty basic blues. She didn't sing lead vocals on very many of their songs, but her blues piano is out of this world on their records. I know what 3 disc release you're referring to. I have it. It's the complete Blue Horizon Sessions. That's everything that Chicken Shack ever recorded on the Blue Horizon label. A little over half on those songs, she's on.

I'd recommend that you get In The Meantime first.
Thanks for the info. I'll pick it up this weekend. I have the Legendary Christine Perfect album on vinyl, and I don't have the means to play it right now. I can't believe that this hasn't seen a CD release, and I'd really like to hear it.

Or has it, and I just cannot find it?

My appreciation for Christine has doubled since she left Fleetwood Mac. Strange, yet true.
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