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Default Lindsey as a solo artist

Hello everyone.
I didn't really know where to post my question, so I 'm starting this new thread..
I am sorry if this has been explained a million times before
I was listening to Tusk the other day and I was thinking that Lindsey is indeed an inspired and innovative artist, as well as influential IMO.
However, there are a lot of people who know Fleetwood Mac, (I 'm not talking about the real fans, just the ones who enjoy some of their songs) who don't even know his name. When you talk about the Rolling Stones, or Pink Floyd or Roxy Music, most of the people (or everyone) know who Mick Jagger, Roger Waters or Bryan Ferry are, even of they're not fans.
I 'm asking because I 'm not sure if it is indeed so. Is it perhaps different in the States, but I 'm thinking that if you mention "Lindsey Buckingham" to a european, they will hardly know who you're talikng about, let alone link the name to FM. And I find this really strange, since IMO (and according to a lot of best-selling -artists lists etc) FM are one of the most famous bands ever existed.
Is it because his solo career was not as successful as Stevie's? (But then again neither was Roger Waters').
Again, I 'm really not sure if it's truly the case, so I 'm asking to get some US perspective on the subject
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