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"And so it's been fun," Fleetwood says. "And this is no deference in any way to Lindsey. Lindsey is totally unique, and he always has that, and he will always have full kudos of being a major, major part of the history of this band. We know that. You know that. But it's about once you've made a decision to go forward..."

ok well in addition to looking up the definition of "democracy" for Chris, ole Mick needs to look up the meaning of the word "deference". Showing deference means showing respect or regard for someone, either because you personally respect them or because of their position (ex., showing deference to the Queen of England).

So....."this is no deference in any way to Lindsey" is a weird sentence based on the words he used and what they actually mean vs what he *thinks* they mean in his usual word salad. Using lots of word doesn't make you sound any smarter, Mick.
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