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Originally Posted by secondhandchain View Post
Actually that's what he deserves. I hope he pukes all over Stevie's black dress. Maybe she'll buy something new?

Maybe the first three rows will be lucky and he'll projectile vomit on them during his extended bongo solo. According to one of his books, he first introduced the bongo solos as a way to spice up the shows when the **** hit the fan. During his solos for the past 40 years, it's been the spit that's been hitting the fans; now he can upgrade it to vomit!

And even if his stomach is not in knots with concern over Lindsey's Complaint, it will be in knots with excitement over the book deals, telemovies, and musicals that might eventuate from a Buckingham v Nicks courtroom showdown. While zoning out during Stevie's prattle, he'll be dreaming up Oscar-worthy titles:

Inherit The Linds
To Kill A Buckingham
A Few Fleetwood Men
My Cousin Liddy
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