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Originally Posted by Macfanforever View Post
No.Not Dolly Parton this time .LOL...............

Wow .One of my favorite TV shows is coming back to TV in 2016.

I love David's movies and TV shows.

Also his music soundtracks.

I wonder if they can hire Stevie for a part.

With all of the new technology with computers and with DNA and other stuff .They probably can pin point who murdered Laura Palmer.

Ok, I don't often admit this, but when I read about Twin Peaks returning, I got kind of giddy & light-headed. Yep, ol' chiliD kinda swooned!

I LOVED TWIN PEAKS!!! No, I really did...I was a TP FREAK!!! I scoured every scene of every episode for clues.

I have the ENTIRE series (commercial free...via a VCR's "pause" button) on VHS!!! I hope that they'll re-release the original series on Blue-Ray now. I had the original pilot episode on LASERDISC!!! That screwed me up because the LASERDISC version of the pilot was self-standing...the plot was wrapped up in that one 2 hr episode!!!! But, the way they wrapped it up was totally different that how they (kind of) wrapped up the 2 season series. Weird.

I used to host Twin Peaks marathon weekends at my apt. about 6 or 8 of my other TP geek friends would get all wired on coffee & cherry pie and watch the entire series in one long fell swoop, from Friday night until we finished the last episode of season 2. Usually about 4 or 5am on Sunday. Talk about some zombie'd burn outs who would finally exit my apartment! LOL!! We were NUTS!!! (but we weren't "wrapped in plastic"!!!! )
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