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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
When you are grossing 1.5 million in bloody Tulsa, Oklahoma....the tour is a huge success. I was flamed to death for saying it would be successful. One member resigned the board to protest my saying that.
Having said all of that.....its actually more successful than I thought it would be. Like any tour, there are pockets of cities that don't sell that well. In the huge success of Unleashed, the Mac cancelled South Florida and Montreal due to poor ticket sales. Unleashed was in the top 10 of concert grosses that year.

A little context around the unleashed tour, that was during the recession and sales were terrible for FM and the entire industry. I went to two shows and in both instances they were moving people from the nosebleeds down to the lower level just to fill seats and completely curtaining off the nosebleeds. That tour is probably one of their biggest financial hiccups post 1997.

Indeed it may have been one of the top tours of that year, but nothing sold well that year for anyone in the concert industry so the bar was below par.
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