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Originally Posted by daniellaaarisen View Post
He's been a mentor figure for the past two years and people are widely aware of that. He's done the same thing with my writing and I don't see a problem with him asking for feedback in return . The emotional aspect of it was unexpected-- and fine. I go to a relatively small private school where this type of stuff isn't normal, but isn't shunned, either. I have two teachers who I am very close with (the other is female)-- babysit their kids, get lunch on weekends, they've come to my house for dinner-- my parents are aware of it, my classmates are aware of it and the school is mildly aware of it. Even so, I am one Dani from California who goes to a private shool and has abnormally close student-teacher relationships. If someone wants to report it, have fun trying-- I think that is outrageously nosy and ridiculous, and I will be deleting some friends if anyone else considers this a legitimate concern.

I consider myself so, so lucky to be able to have these relationships. Sorry it weirds you out.
I'm close to a couple of my teachers as well. My Pre-Calc teacher from High School(senior yr) I am still friends with her and we text eachother and stuff. Same thing with my HS English teacher. PLus, he lives a street over from me and I'm friends with his daughter. I am also friends with my college math teacher on facebook; we also IM and text.
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