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Originally Posted by Black_Moon View Post
I wish! There are too many menopausal women in my school for him to even consider coming! You've got to love my school's attempts though of getting us to socialise with people and their idea of "fun" is sadly different to mine. Mine would consist of a day in bed and not even considering rising from the lair until noon.

Thank you! I'm glad you found it good, I'm really considering a career in pyschological profiling if I don't end up becoming a divorce lawyer. My grades are based on both, I prefer doing coursework though than writing under pressure. I think the home-based essay part will be my strength. I'm a slow writer and that tends to be my downfall in exams.
I hear you, my school used to encourage 'student bonding' and 'interpersonal communication' and various other bullsh*t terms. We had a 'health fair' every year where the slogan was 'Be All You Can Be' and 'Simply the Best' was the theme tune, even Oprah would have cringed at the cheese factor. I guess they have to do it to tick some box on a checklist from the local authority. I considered that week an extra holiday.

That sounds like an interesting career! If you have an analytical mind (which you probably do since you're so strong in english) you'll be very good at that. I always do much better with essays than exams (I'm a panicker). The only thing that helps with it is practice sadly.
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