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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
I was listening to the top 40 countdown yesterday on the 80s channel and Go Insane was #24 this week in 1984. Nina Blackwood stated she saw Lindsey solo in concert and was blown away.
So many fantastic songs peaked and were bogged down in the 20 something position on the charts this week. Besides Go Insane, Laura Brannigan's "Lucky One" peaked this week at #20, The Fixx, Are We Ourselves was at #19.
I remember when I bought Go Insane the day it was out at Wherehouse or Tower or one of those chains. I bought the cassette so I could pop it into my Chevy Blazer cassette deck on the way home. That alarm clock went off, followed by the sotto voce a-musical chanting “I want you (I have for so long)/I want you (Was I right? Was I wrong?)/I want you. . .” and then finally those I-V-IV chords on a million different synthesizers, cascading down the cabin, catchy as all hell. I think my butt was dancing in my driver seat. I remember saying out loud to myself on the drive, “This is so much cooler than Bella Donna.”

Bang the Drum and DW Suite were instant cinematic classics in my Chevy—nobody was doing that level of musical technology combined with such a powerful emotional center. It was bardic. Lindsey was like a caged bird set free in 1984.
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