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Originally Posted by ImpossibleHoney View Post

I saw BuckVie opening night in Atlanta - 4th or 5th row. The show was better than expected but I remember walking away thinking ARE MY CHILDHOOD IDOLS PHONING IT IN NOW? They're singing along to guided vocals like a pop star....what's the world coming to indeed.
I also say Stevie on the 24K tour 4th row in Orlando as part of my honeymoon. Admittedly, Stevie & the Mac have been around since before I can remember and husband thought itd be cute to surprise me with these tickets. Was it long and rambling? YES! But I loved the the Storytellers/Behind The Music aspect to it. It was DIFFERENT!
She wasn't singing with a guide vocal either. She still gives riveting performances like Moonlight from the 24K Tour or this performance:

That version should be released.
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