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Originally Posted by ImpossibleHoney View Post
OMG! This is STILL going on?

Ticket sales: Why is anyone surprised by this? They have continually shoveled out the same setlist for over two decades now (outside of the Say You Will tour but even that evolved further and further into the formulaic FM setlist with time) and honestly, yep - even I am tired of "Dreams", "Go Your Own Way" and "Big Love" by this point. Lindsey's motivational speeches and Mick's over long drum solos - those can go too. It's boring and it's predictable and with how much these tickets are now - its becoming harder and harder to justify.

I saw BuckVie opening night in Atlanta - 4th or 5th row. The show was better than expected but I remember walking away thinking ARE MY CHILDHOOD IDOLS PHONING IT IN NOW? They're singing along to guided vocals like a pop star....what's the world coming to indeed.
I also say Stevie on the 24K tour 4th row in Orlando as part of my honeymoon. Admittedly, Stevie & the Mac have been around since before I can remember and husband thought itd be cute to surprise me with these tickets. Was it long and rambling? YES! But I loved the the Storytellers/Behind The Music aspect to it. It was DIFFERENT!

As for Lindsey being the genius of FM - I giggle every single time someone comes up with this. Okay. Maybe back in the day. Have you actually heard Say You Will and BuckVie? I dont know if he gets demoitis and cant fill a song anymore but, it all sounds half baked. The exception is probably "Miranda" but the rest just do not have the Mac magic. The songs aren't full and are just incredibly sparse in arrangement and production. Is it any wonder? Seriously, go listen to the "Wall Of Sound" version of "Thrown Down" (which yes, I know he was involved with) and tell me he didn't completely ruin this song for "Say You Will". I'd have fired him then just for that alone but, thats me. "Thrown Down" is or was the modern Stevie classic and he torched it with production. Then you go to "Mabel Normand" which is beautiful and gorgeous and FULL in production and a fully realized song from the depths of demo Hell (yeah, I still dont know how they pulled this song from THAT demo but....) and its great. Yeah, I wouldn't want Lindsey anywhere near Stevie's songs now.

I still don't know why there still seems to be such a witch hunt for Stevie or excuse me, $tevie, in regards to this whole Lindsey being fired thing comes from. A majority here seem to think they were in the middle of these conversations as they were going down. No one knows anything. Lindsey hasn't said anything yet (he sure does have a thing for women who spill all of his business doesn't he), Stevie has said very little and yet, y'all are ready to burn her down. Makes no sense.
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