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This is a tough question to answer because the debate about "where is Stevie on Tango" has been raging with numerous other threads. Some claim they can hear Stevie on Everywhere while others say no. Lindsey mentioned how hard Tango was to create with the dysfunction of the band. Stevie did a quick Seven Wonders before checking into Betty Ford. When she left Betty Ford, she only attended a few more recording sessions. Lindsey is not specific but claims he had to work her voice in on parts. Which parts? Good question. If you listen closely, Stevie is not on the chorus of Little Lies. She only sings "tell me lies." We all want to know how creative Lindsey was during this process. Were these words Lindsey programmed together? Probably a stretch but its anyone's guess. Its clear to me that her voice is layered in on Family Man. So, IMHO Stevie is on her 3 songs, layered in on Family Man, and Little Lies is the wild card. For the record, there are even some that claim its not Stevie on Family Man but it's Lindsey being creative (again).
Lindsey needs to write a book.

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