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Originally Posted by David

another question: how does everyone read the chorus? As a plain imperative with the explicit subject? "You can go your own way" grammatically as in "Go sit in the corner until I tell you you can get up"?

or as an indicative statement with a hint of the conditional to follow? "You can go your own way" grammatically as in "You can run, but you can't hide"?

The grammatical differences would seriously alter one's interpretation of meaning. Is the speaker telling the girl to get out? or is he merely indicating that, although she's about to up & leave, it won't be permanent?
I see it as indicative, but without a conditional inference. I think he's just doing the age-old "Fine, you can leave, it doesn't matter to me!" In other words, I interpret "You can go your own way" as a variation of "You can go jump off a bridge, for all I care!"
- Nancy

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