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Originally Posted by elle View Post
Christine mentioned back in 2017 interviews how they all get along great, except Lindsey and Stevie. she also mentioned how much nicer to work with Lindsey is now as opposed to back in the heyday when he was asocial and razor focused on work. so what did change? Stevie gained more power. she became very commercially successful again. that's what changed. she felt she had enough power to pull the ouster.
But then there was that article done at the end of the American leg of their "On With the Show" tour where Stevie was vocally VERY unhappy, Mick was happy to see John and Christine getting along and chumming it up, but flabbergasted by the animosity between Lindsey and Stevie. He even quoted Christine who said their holding onto old wounds should have ceased years ago.

So I'm thinking the band WERE unhappy because the Americans were acting like spoiled hateful brats. What's so sad is that the Brits decided to honor the wishes of one of those brats over the other out of pure greed.

Would I have been happy had Stevie left instead of Lindsey? Not especially but truthfully I would not have been outright disgusted. She could go one and do her thing while the remaining four made new music. That, for me, as always made the difference. Both LB and SN are insufferably self-centered in different ways but only LB is open and urging of fresh creativity and musical growth. So, I can look past his often aloof media personality.
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