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Originally Posted by annabellee View Post
I'm going to the show. I love this music. All of these people have been abusing each other in one way or another for 40+ years. Now I'm supposed to draw a line in the sand?
Very true, they’ve all been the worst kind of “friends” to each other from day 1. The line in the sand was drawn for me when they lied to the fans. If they were remotely honest about why they “fired” (such an ugly word per Mick-he wouldn’t even admit that) I may not be as disgusted by them. They lied, got caught and are taking money from fans under the pretense LB didn’t want to tour. They don’t even have the guts to stand by the decisions they made. It’s disgusting. So yes, I think Entitled Jerks is the perfect name for them. They actually should think about renaming the tour “An Evening with the Entitled Jerks”

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