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Great to have a whole show to watch. The band does seem to be having a good time onstage.

Chris is so much more animated then she ever was. She and Mike have a nice repore. Neil and Stevie do also.

I still wish Storms and Hypnotized were still in the set. Cut back on the World Turning drum solo if it's a time issue. Or keep Gypsy and drop Storms but no Hypnotized. Drop a Lindsey song instead. If they are going to honor past members, that was a poor thing to do to Bob Welch. It's a pretty well known song in FM circles. I like Black Magic Woman better than I thought I would. And I love TMATTYD. Don't drop that one.

John seems almost invisible. Not much interaction there. I guess it's just him or maybe he is missing Lindsey. Obviously no one else on stage seems to be.

I still hate what happened though and wish they could have worked things out, I miss Lindsey even though Neil and especially Mike are doing a good job. It's just not the same Mac to me.

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