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Originally Posted by Villavic View Post

But I still don't forgive them for killing Han Solo, my hero from the 80s. About Luke's end, it could have been better but I'm actually not upset about it.
I wouldn't have said this in the 80's, but I'm glad they killed off Han Solo.
Harrison Ford seemed to be tired of playing the role after listening to many
interviews over the years. He almost played the character as a joke. Also
who didn't see that "death" coming from a mile away once he took to the

Luke's part could have been played so much better. What a horrible way
to write him out of the movie. That too was a joke. Of course he will be
back as the ghostly Luke.

Rey is one of the few characters that's interesting now. But why did they
give her that cheesy line (something like), why is your shirt off?

They need to end this thing right!
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